Hello people! How’s it hanging?

Was thinking of a topic to write on today. 

Today, I was out in the forest with a friend today. We had just entered a deeper part of the forest and I noticed something and said to my friend to hold up and be quiet.

And that’s what I had noticed. It was so quiet in the woods. The wind wasn’t there to rustle the leaves. No birds felt the need to sing, no critters on the ground scuttling about. It was as if the wild had decided to just rest for a moment.

And that brings me to the topic I wished to discuss with you today: Stress.

It’s ingrained in western culture today. Every week, every day, every minute, there is something need doing. You got to be in time for work, so don’t miss the bus! You better start studying for you exams coming up! Your boyfriend thinks you don’t spend enough time together, you have to, make more time for him! Time time time, there never seems to be enough time for all the things we ”need” to do in our modern day world.

But today, when I was in that quiet forest, I took a short moment, to just be for a little while. To just, exist, for a while. And let me tell you, it felt wonderful.

A question to you people: Are there things in the modern man’s day-to-day life that aren’t worth the stress? Not worth the time?

What if you didn’t really need to see your awful uncle on his deathbed? What if you didn’t really need to travel to a tropical paradise to relax?

Maybe you don’t have to look your best every day. Maybe you don’t need to worry about buying those new expensive clothes all your friends have bought.

Do you really need to live a certain way, just because everybody else do?

Perhaps it would benefit the modern man, to sometimes, just, exist.

Be well.

// Yeravos



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