Rise above the ground, and walk off into the horizon

It’s something we suppress in our age. Maybe we have suppressed it for as long as we have known what it meant: Honesty.

I my opinion, it’s extremely rare to find people with whom you can speak honestly with. And when I am talking about honesty, I am not talking about honesty about what sports team you cheer on. Not your favorite ice-cream flavor, not your favorite color, not your political allegiance.

The truths in our lives that really need discussing, are more often then not, off limit. It’s uncomfortable to talk about how much you regret your educational choices, and how much you hate your job. People will begin to squirm in their entire being when you bring up things such as abusive partners. To bring up the fact that your coworker is humiliating you in front of your boss. To tell your, so called ”friends”, that you are facing depression every day.

Why is this? Why can’t be we honest to each other concerning things that matter? Things that make our lives so much harder to live. Burdens that weigh so heavily on us, that instead of marching through our time alive with heads high and with ambitions on the horizon, we crawl in the dust. Our faces covered in the mud and dirt of life. The regret. The fear, the hate. The rejection, the pain. All of it, obstructing our view of that magnificent horizon. Sometimes, some of us manage to lift our heads for just a moment. We get a glimpse of our true potential. When our heads fall back into the ground, we still remember that awe-inspiring sight. And that memory gives us determination to try and fight our way back up to our two feet. To rise above the difficulties of life, and look the world straight in the eye. Sternly, unwavering, bravely and confident. And we say: This is my life. And these are my dreams. My desires. And I will NOT be beaten down to the ground. I will NOT yield before the criminals of self-pity and self-attack. I WILL NOT give in to weakness. I will have the things I, through my dedication and strength, DESERVE. No matter the wind, no matter the cold, the heat. No matter the naysayers shouting in my ears, the cowards that are to afraid to stand up. The ones that are jealous of me standing, and would rather see me deeper in the waste life has to offer, to elevate themselves for a while in their meaningless ”lives”.

And you see the sun rise over that horizon. It’s warm glow washing over your body, drying the mud and dirt. You flex your entire being. The muscles of self-reliance, self-knowledge, compassion, humility and most importantly, self-love, burst into view. And the dry mud and dirt cracks, falls back to the ground where it once were. You don’t look down. You don’t need to. Others that want to get up may ask for your help, your guidance. These people, are worthy of your help. Because they are honest to you, and more importantly, honest to themselves. They see that they are in a bad situation, and they want to get out of it. So offer them a hand, in your stride, as you march to that horizon. Because the most important person in the world, is yourself. Always.

This is why honesty about painful and uncomfortable subjects are so important. Because if you cannot recognize that you are face-down in the dirt and mud, you cannot stand up.

So I implore, I beg of you. You, who are reading all of this. Be honest to yourself. Identify your burdens and start to fight them, deal with them. Talk with about them with the people you consider close to you. And if these people you consider close to you start to squirm and cough. Start to wave aside your words or pretend the words never reached their ears, then leave them behind. Find people who want to stand up as much as you do, and help each-other up on your feet. Because to do otherwise, is to chose to live in the dust of life.

Such a long post. I applaud you truly if you made it to the end of it. The message being so important. But alas, this is all I have for now, speech is over (for now). Till we meet again fellow warriors of life. Be seeing you above the dirt and mud.

// Yeravos



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