Mother Of God, all that is holy and everything else, I am really hyper tonight! Happiness is running from my eyes, making the floor slippery. But that is not an issue, because I just dance around crazily and wildly in it. As the mundane world around my EXPLODES! As my hyper super creativity burst enshrouds the normal in an invisible fabric that controls space and time. The tap is not a tap, no, it’s a strange alien from another world with an elongated neck, holding it’s child. But not for long! It’s now an elephant! The TV grows legs and huge teeth, looking for something , mhm, JUICY to devour! The door flips on it’s side and smashes through the roof, making it’s way to the moon! I stumble against the wall. And the thud sends ripples through the vertical pool of water the wall has become. How deep is it? The painting on the wall with some zoo animals sucks me into it, revealing a HUGE zoo! The proud lion, the vigilant zebra, the smug hyena, the wise elephant and more!

Unfortunately, I have got to get some sleep. Maybe next time, I won’t care about the next day when I have my next creative burst like now. Maybe then, I’ll just let it carry me away, to those other places.

// Yeravos


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