Race for those mountaintops…



The eagle


Hello people! Here is a new painting for you to enjoy, made in watercolor. Besides being pretty to look at, it is also going to be representing some thoughts I will share with you now.

I am a person that falls into despair easily. I have a knack for finding myself in dark holes and digging them deeper. I have a hard time loving myself, because I have been taught not to. But this last few months, I have started to craft mental tools to deal with these situations. Climbing tools, to get myself up out of those dark holes. Because in the end, me breaking down mentally depends on whether I let myself break down or pull myself up.

I have my flaws. We all have flaws. But I think a lot of people are worth so much more than they might think. 

Years of manipulation, bullying and degradation has tried to convince me, and many others I am sure, that I/we, are worthless. We do not deserve to be happy. We do not deserve to be loved. We cannot be happy, and we, most certainly, cannot be loved. This is bullshit. Sure, there are people out there so twisted, manipulated and damaged that they are unable to be happy and loved. But I am not talking about those persons. I am talking about those persons that ARE good. But find themselves, unable to love themselves. These people, and I am included here I like to believe, are doing themselves, and the world, a great disservice. We could give so much to the world. So much happiness and hope to others. And, most importantly, we could give so much to ourselves. Realize, that you CAN, break the evil circle of sadness.

I am starting to realize all this myself. I am that eagle in the picture. I am strong, beautiful and ready to soar. All I have to do is lean in, over the world, and spread my wings wide. To fly, because it’s what will make my life meaningful. It’s what will make me happy. To have the wind carry me over those mountaintops. To leave the hurt behind me, to escape that encroaching darkness, to BREAK those chains!

To explore those wondrous skies above…

I say to you now.

You, who has been told that you cannot fly.

Lean in. And fly.


// Yeravos