Review: Alice Miller

Alice Miller: The Drama of Being a Child
A review by Erik Lugnet

Man is capable of great evil. And evil breeds depression and unhappiness in whoever it attacks. Which is why litterature on how to overcome past trauma in adult life, is so important, so the cycle of evil and it’s effects are not reproduced in the next generation.
There are few authors who have really moved me and changed my life. Alice Miller, is definitely one of them. Non-censored and truthfully, she lays down the reality of early childhood trauma, and it’s effects in adulthood.

For readers not already familiar with therapy and the childhood trauma that is discussed in therapy, you should know that the book can be extremely painful to read. To slowly reawaken to suppressed and repressed memories, can be torture. But working with that pain, is key to improving your life.

In Drama of the Gifted Child, Alice Miller shows us with sound arguing, how traumatic our childhoods have really been, exposing the tragic stockholm-syndrome of ”I was bad and deserved it” or the extremely sad ”I turned out fine”. Instead, she urges us to explore our deep, true emotions, hidden away when we were dependant.

The testimonies of her clients added makes the book’s arguments come to life, strengthening the truth of it even more. These are stories of the worst humanity has to offer. But it is also proof of the strength of the human being, able to survive such a hostile world. They are grim, they are honest, they are real.

Through this book, it is as if Alice Miller tells our True Self as she calls it : ”I know it was scary and painful out here when you where a child. But things have changed, and you deserve to be heard.”

The resume of this review is: The Drama of being a Child, is a truthful perspective on what it means to be a child faced with adverse childhood events, in an unloving environment. It is a book of great anger. And great tragedy. For both justified anger, and sincere mourning, is what is needed to finally be set free.

And that is what this book really is all about. A promise, of Freedom.


You can buy The Drama of Being a Child from amazon, on this link!”>The Drama of Being a Child : The Search for the True Self by Miller, Alice 2Rev Edition (1995)</a><img src=”” width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;