Writing, writing and writing

Hello everyone! Hope you are well this Thursday, I sure am.

I broke my writing record today, 2,3k words in 2,5 hours! Wow, that is a lot of words for me. I was aiming for 1k, but it just kept coming, I was in the zone!

What I was writing on specifically was a fantasy story I have had in my mind for many, many years.

Ah, writing is exciting.

Do you, dear reader, do a lot of writing yourself? If you’d like to write, but don’t, why not?

Also, a shout-out to a new life-coach that has made her way to the market, Ady Sheerer! And her life-coaching services are 100% FREE!

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Till we meet again!


Book update!

Hello all you fine people out there!

Update on my book: I have been editing it for an hour today, and I am playing with the thought of going back into it and add an extra chapter or two for some clarifications.

I am so excited for my book, I am struggling to keep myself from publishing it right now! But I want it to be of the highest quality I can possibly provide to the world. So, it’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this beautiful, truth-message.

Take Care


A rant, on the state of things

Apes on two legs. That is what we, human beings are. But that is not our most defining quality.

That is that we are moral agents. We can separate between right and wrong. We do not have to act simply on instinct. We have the ability to choose. We have the power, to be the masters of our own lives. To be the shapers of destiny.

But what do we do with our gift of agency? We abuse it, by treating our children as pets. Servants that entertain us! And when our shitty past makes itself known to us, we use them as puke-bags, like those on airplanes. Yes, it is that disgusting.

And then we have the nerve to criticize  them, when they throw tantrums, ”Violence is wrong, can’t you understand that you little shit?!” *smack*.

No, the kid gets it. Kids are smart. They are like sponges. Information hoarders. And the kids get the insanity of your hypocritical moralizing. They get that the world doesn’t care enough for them to liberate them from their abusers. The world doesn’t care about right or wrong. The only thing the world cares about, is avoiding being decent. Because that would take valuable time and energy. Time, that could be spent in front of the TV cheering for sports, and energy to stuff your face with cheese-balls!

Screw going to therapy, even though you are beating the living shit out of- sorry, ”applying loving discipline” to your children. Fuck therapy, I want the latest Iphone! Because fuck my kids! They are barely, BARELY worth beating.

And the circle of violence goes on. Victims become victimizers. The only goal in life for these people. is getting to act out on weaker people, and being comfortable, with a beer (wine-glass in case of crappy mothers) in one hand and a belt in the other.

Yes, this is a rant. It doesn’t get talked about as much as it should. I wont be silent. I stand by the children.

The emotional terrorist & the violence prone By Erin Pizzey A kindle-book review by Erik Lugnet

The emotional terrorist & the violence prone

By Erin Pizzey

A kindle-book review by Erik Lugnet

What is the root of evil in the world? How is violence created? Some people would argue that it is in man’s very nature to be evil. That to tame the raging beast within, we must medicate ourselves with doses of civilization. This theory plays well into the agendas of religions like Christianity that has the concept of original sin, and also into the agendas of socialists and communists. Man is evil, only in God can he find salvation! Man is greedy, only the government can save us!

However this theory of ‘’evil by nature’’ does not conform to reality. On the contrary, the evidence points to man being inherently being neither evil nor good. Rather man is more like that of a fluid, taking the shape of what it is poured into. Adaptability, argued to be one of the biggest reasons we are the dominant species on earth.

In her book, Erin Pizzey provides strong evidence for this fluid human.

Mrs. Pizzey is known for having established one of the world’s first women’s shelter. And her book is built on her experiences taking in, caring and hearing the stories of women and their children who have escaped a violent household.

While the book is filled with great (and desperately needed) wisdom, it has been won through great suffering. The stories Mrs. Pizzey relays, the horrors she have seen are almost like that from a hell-dimension. But to discard the stories she shares is to make a grievous error that makes one culpable to letting evil reign over our children.

What Mrs. Pizzey concludes from her experiences, is that in many of the women and even children that came to seek her aid, there was an addiction to violence. Listening to the stories of those under her care, Mrs. Pizzey drew the conclusion that violence had been normalized in childhood, and was now in adulthood associated with pleasure for many of the women and children.

This kindle-book is written in a very easy language. But its contents can be, at many times be extremely difficult to stomach. What Mrs. Pizzey shares with us, is some of the most horrible abuse mankind has to offer.

But it is not pretending that the horrible abuse didn’t happen, and isn’t still happening, that we fight evil. It is by acknowledging it and learning where it comes from and why.



You can download The emotional terrorist & the violence prone or buy it in paperback form on this link! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003Y5H7YK/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B003Y5H7YK&linkCode=as2&tag=yeravos-20&linkId=X5GUXA3XBYMKDLWI

Introduction to my book!

In this time of my life, I am dedicating a lot of time into writing my first ever book on self-knowledge.

For you that do not know, self-knowledge is basically getting to know yourself- how you work, what motivates you, what kind of anxieties you have, what strengths you may have, and how to improve your own life through this knowledge of your self.


This is a draft of the introduction of my upcoming book on self-knowledge. Enjoy!

” Introduction

The greatest obstacle to success, is man’s mental barriers. Saying to oneself that you cannot quit smoking. That there is no point in asking for that raise. That the guy you fancy wouldn’t want to date you anyway. Or damning the fact that you keep finding yourself in toxic relationships. Or, you can’t stick to a diet, even if you do well the first couple of days.

I could go on, with mental barriers that keep us from living our lives to the fullest.

The point of this book, is to show you, that this doesn’t have to be your destiny. You can become the owner, of your life. You can learn to love yourself. That you can break bad habits. That you can become more assertive. That you can live life as an extraordinary human being.

I am writing this book, because I have found this path. And it has changed, and will continue to change, my life forever. And now, after having struggled with my own self-knowledge work, I now invite you to do the same. By sharing tools that have worked for me, offering my perspective on self-growth, it is my outmost wish, that you will be able to change your life. Because I want you to join me in the world of possibilities. I want you to love life as I love life now. I want you to learn about yourself, and see the awesome potential you have within you, to make the world a better place.

You have suffered enough. Join me, and you will discover things beyond your imagination.”

Thank you for reading! If you have feedback, what you thought was good and if there is something that could be improved on, please feel free to leave a comment. 

Take care!

Review: The Pattern System by Jay Earley

The Pattern System

By Jay Earley

A review by Erik Lugnet

Jay Early is an author who is able to write on complex subjects, covering what needs to be said about them such as it concerns the layman, while at the same time managing to express it in a way that reaches a huge audience. Earley is down to earth and to the point. He is perhaps most known for his work in Internal Family Systems therapy, as he has written many books on the subject, such as Self-Therapy and Freedom from your inner critic, both of which I have read and will post reviews on. The aforementioned books are not required reading in order to grasp The Pattern System. They do however complement each other.

This book is for people who wish to expand their knowledge on how the human psyche works, and gives you the tools to map your personality. To discover your strengths and weaknesses, giving you clues to what are of your life you can improve.

The Pattern System sets out to show basic personality traits, called Dimensions. As Earley explains, Dimensions have 2 sides to them, Receptive and Active. They are further divided into Capacities (helpful personality traits such as Appreciation in the Evaluation Dimension) and Patterns (problematic personality traits, such as Angry in the Strength Dimension).

A nice plus to this book is the online quizzes it provides you. With these, you can answer series of questions that will gauge the landscape of your mind, giving you something to start with if you wish to map your inner world using The Pattern System.

Long story short, the book is exactly what it is called. A periodic table of psychology. It’s written in a simple manner, inviting both layman and professional alike to its wisdom on man and how her personality is structured. It is useful and thought-provoking. Especially for us brave souls who are interested in self-growth, and those who have read some of Jay Earleys books on Internal Family Systems therapy.

You can buy The Pattern System by Jay Earley on amazon, on the link below!