Review: The Pattern System by Jay Earley

The Pattern System

By Jay Earley

A review by Erik Lugnet

Jay Early is an author who is able to write on complex subjects, covering what needs to be said about them such as it concerns the layman, while at the same time managing to express it in a way that reaches a huge audience. Earley is down to earth and to the point. He is perhaps most known for his work in Internal Family Systems therapy, as he has written many books on the subject, such as Self-Therapy and Freedom from your inner critic, both of which I have read and will post reviews on. The aforementioned books are not required reading in order to grasp The Pattern System. They do however complement each other.

This book is for people who wish to expand their knowledge on how the human psyche works, and gives you the tools to map your personality. To discover your strengths and weaknesses, giving you clues to what are of your life you can improve.

The Pattern System sets out to show basic personality traits, called Dimensions. As Earley explains, Dimensions have 2 sides to them, Receptive and Active. They are further divided into Capacities (helpful personality traits such as Appreciation in the Evaluation Dimension) and Patterns (problematic personality traits, such as Angry in the Strength Dimension).

A nice plus to this book is the online quizzes it provides you. With these, you can answer series of questions that will gauge the landscape of your mind, giving you something to start with if you wish to map your inner world using The Pattern System.

Long story short, the book is exactly what it is called. A periodic table of psychology. It’s written in a simple manner, inviting both layman and professional alike to its wisdom on man and how her personality is structured. It is useful and thought-provoking. Especially for us brave souls who are interested in self-growth, and those who have read some of Jay Earleys books on Internal Family Systems therapy.

You can buy The Pattern System by Jay Earley on amazon, on the link below!


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