A rant, on the state of things

Apes on two legs. That is what we, human beings are. But that is not our most defining quality.

That is that we are moral agents. We can separate between right and wrong. We do not have to act simply on instinct. We have the ability to choose. We have the power, to be the masters of our own lives. To be the shapers of destiny.

But what do we do with our gift of agency? We abuse it, by treating our children as pets. Servants that entertain us! And when our shitty past makes itself known to us, we use them as puke-bags, like those on airplanes. Yes, it is that disgusting.

And then we have the nerve to criticize  them, when they throw tantrums, ”Violence is wrong, can’t you understand that you little shit?!” *smack*.

No, the kid gets it. Kids are smart. They are like sponges. Information hoarders. And the kids get the insanity of your hypocritical moralizing. They get that the world doesn’t care enough for them to liberate them from their abusers. The world doesn’t care about right or wrong. The only thing the world cares about, is avoiding being decent. Because that would take valuable time and energy. Time, that could be spent in front of the TV cheering for sports, and energy to stuff your face with cheese-balls!

Screw going to therapy, even though you are beating the living shit out of- sorry, ”applying loving discipline” to your children. Fuck therapy, I want the latest Iphone! Because fuck my kids! They are barely, BARELY worth beating.

And the circle of violence goes on. Victims become victimizers. The only goal in life for these people. is getting to act out on weaker people, and being comfortable, with a beer (wine-glass in case of crappy mothers) in one hand and a belt in the other.

Yes, this is a rant. It doesn’t get talked about as much as it should. I wont be silent. I stand by the children.


3 thoughts on “A rant, on the state of things

  1. Marlon Manalese says:

    DAMN that’s dark dude, but so very true. I wouldn’t say the world only cares about NOT being decent, rather they only care about short term obedience and convenience which results in less than half decency.

    The world does need to set its prorities straight though. One thing that came to mind was how vain women immerse themselves in the world of beauty and make up, and they’re the ones who usually treat their kids like shit.

    All that time spent on prettying themselves up was time they didn’t use bettering themselves.

  2. yeravos says:

    Yeah, I felt that I needed to spill some of that darkness out of me. ”I wouldn’t say the world only cares about NOT being decent, rather they only care about short term obedience and convenience which results in less than half decency” Yeah you are spot on I think Marlon, that’s what I meant to say but the wrong words came out in for some reason 😛

    Ah yes, the women. I could go on a long rant about women and their part in the machinery of violence. But I think I’ll save that for another post 😛

  3. Marlon Manalese says:

    the reason being you were pissed so it didn’t matter what you said. What was important you got it off yo chest 😀

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