Book update!

Hello all you fine people out there!

Update on my book: I have been editing it for an hour today, and I am playing with the thought of going back into it and add an extra chapter or two for some clarifications.

I am so excited for my book, I am struggling to keep myself from publishing it right now! But I want it to be of the highest quality I can possibly provide to the world. So, it’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, I wanted to share this beautiful, truth-message.

Take Care



2 thoughts on “Book update!

  1. Marlon Manalese says:

    Are you publishing it as an e-book and/or print?

    Also I love that quote, it’s been the mantra for the past year. I’ve been reparenting myself with that in mind and doing that allows my inner child feel free to be himself,

  2. yeravos says:

    Hello Marlon! It is primarily going to be published as an e-book, but considering doing a print version as well.

    Yeah, just discovered it yesterday, really resonated with me 🙂

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