The world and it’s illness

The world is a sick place. Society is ridden with a terrible disease. It is a disease of the mind, the disease of evil. But it’s time with humanity will not last forever.

Most people live out their lives fighting ghosts. Not ghosts seen as spirits from the world of the dead, moving through walls or just being simple sheets of white. No, I speak of the actual ghosts of this world. Ghosts that are the legacy of horrible abuse. Abuse, against children.

As the child emerges into the world, an Inherently curious and sceptical creature, is more often than not, faced with parents who are fighting the ghosts of their past. When the mother for instance screams at the child when it approaches the stove. Not because of the child, but because of the similar situation experienced when the mother, as a child touched the stove and was hit for this. It is not because of the child of the now grown up mother, but because of the ghosts of her past.

And this cycle is repeated all over the world, in all different but fundamentally same shape. It is global, within all races, all cultures and with both sexes. And it is only surviving because it is not looked at for what it is. It survives because it is not called for what it is. Hitting a child is not discipline, it is violence. Screaming at a child is not teaching, it is a screech of pain unjustly inflicted upon the child.

People claim all kinds of discrimination in the world. Racial and gender discrimination. Religious intolerance, animal cruelty and class warfare. But none of these discriminations come even close to the discrimination of children. In many places in the world, it is illegal to hit a dog, and most people will be morally repulsed by such an act. But in these very same places, it is perfectly fine to hit a child, and society at large will support the abuser as a ”good parent”, a disciplinarian.

Because children are seen as subhuman. Even lower than animals. How much anger would erupt in the west if a man came out, saying he hits his wife every other day when she misbehaves, saying that he does it because he loves her? Society would descend upon this man, and tear him to bits, and justly so. But when a child is ”spanked” (i.e physically aggressed against) bearly a peep is heard.

And so the cycle continues. But it will not last forever. People are already starting to speak out. Therapy is healing minds one at a time. People are giving up their fights with ghosts, because they have seen them for what they are: Immaterial.

Evil thrives in todays world, but it’s days of power are dripping away like sand in an hourglass. And as people today saw slavers as deeply immoral people, so will the future generations see the abusers of children today.

Which side will you been on in history?


Breaking records, like a boss!

Hello readers!

I must say, I am on a roll! Today, I managed to put down 3052 words in 1 hour 20 minutes. That’s 38 words/min on average!

I am really excited. I am improving so much each day it’s amazing!

Basically, what I am focusing on right now, is to get used to writing everyday for at least 1 hour, and to maximize my wordcount. So quality is not the matter at hand, but when I feel I have reached a word/min average I feel comfortable with, I’ll focus my attention on structure and editing.

Also, I have been getting back to the practical steps to getting my self-help book published (been procrastinating it for a while), and I am looking to find someone to create a cover for it and getting some proffesional editing.

Here is an extract from it, to tease you a bit 😛

Chapter 2.2, How to find Self

”Becoming more honest is a difficult process because we are conditioned to not be honest throughout our entire lives. Did you hate listening to your teacher talk when you were in school, just before it was time to go home, when all you wanted to do was to go out and to play in the sunshine? Sure you did. Were you allowed to express your true feelings, to be honest with what your experience was? No, because that was considered rude!
And we are conditioned to this dishonesty of our mind and actions everywhere we turn in society. In school, at work and in our home.
To unlearn patterns we have become used to for so long is difficult. But it is possible. What is required is to become aware of our patterns and commit to making the changes in our lives that will help us gain new patterns. Better ones.”

Ah, I am so excited to get it published!

Take care!