Breaking records, like a boss!

Hello readers!

I must say, I am on a roll! Today, I managed to put down 3052 words in 1 hour 20 minutes. That’s 38 words/min on average!

I am really excited. I am improving so much each day it’s amazing!

Basically, what I am focusing on right now, is to get used to writing everyday for at least 1 hour, and to maximize my wordcount. So quality is not the matter at hand, but when I feel I have reached a word/min average I feel comfortable with, I’ll focus my attention on structure and editing.

Also, I have been getting back to the practical steps to getting my self-help book published (been procrastinating it for a while), and I am looking to find someone to create a cover for it and getting some proffesional editing.

Here is an extract from it, to tease you a bit 😛

Chapter 2.2, How to find Self

”Becoming more honest is a difficult process because we are conditioned to not be honest throughout our entire lives. Did you hate listening to your teacher talk when you were in school, just before it was time to go home, when all you wanted to do was to go out and to play in the sunshine? Sure you did. Were you allowed to express your true feelings, to be honest with what your experience was? No, because that was considered rude!
And we are conditioned to this dishonesty of our mind and actions everywhere we turn in society. In school, at work and in our home.
To unlearn patterns we have become used to for so long is difficult. But it is possible. What is required is to become aware of our patterns and commit to making the changes in our lives that will help us gain new patterns. Better ones.”

Ah, I am so excited to get it published!

Take care!


One thought on “Breaking records, like a boss!

  1. Marlon Manalese says:

    Holy hell that’s pretty quick. Much quicker than me even on a day where I’ve written 9000 words.

    Honesty usually did invite attack as a kid, particularly in public school.

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