Fuck Luck

Luck. ”an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another”. I took this definition from a dictionary online. I think it explains the concept quite well. And also shows how unimportant the concept is to life.

I have been there too my friends. I have countless times bemoaned my bad luck. Bemoaned the fat that I was not born with musical talent. Bemoaned the fact that I did not have a job. Bemoaned that I did not have many friends.

Sure, unpredictablity and random chance had given me a bad deck from the beginning at the start of my life. I did not have it easy. I don’t think there are many out there who did have it easy.

And instead of doing something about it, I found that bemoaning myself as being a victim of society, of my bullies, of my parents, of life itself!… was quite comfortable. In a creepy way. It would, had I continued down that path, have had me wasted my life.

And that would have been my choice.

It would have been on me, if I had wasted my life away, feeling sorry about myself, that I didn’t have the best deck of cards to play in life with.

And that is why I say fuck luck. Luck is just that. Unpredictable. We cannot change it. We have no power over it. And thinking that it is the deciding factor in any would-be descision is to give up power.

To take into account luck when doing anything in life is to limit one-self. Only by focusing on what WE can do to change lives, to take into account OUR descisions can we achieve anything in life.

I could take up a few examples of highly sucessful people, and show how much WORK they put into their craft. To show how little luck meant for their lives. But I think that is missing the point. The point being that you cannot change luck. You can’t make yourself be born again with a good singing voice. You can’t make yourself born without a chronic.

BUT. What you can do, is find what you want to do with your life, and just get to work. Because that we have power over. We have power over where we choose to spend our precious grains of sand from the hourglass that is our life. Do you want to become rich? Then start making money! Don’t know how to make money? Find someone who is rich and ask them how they did it!

For me, and I think for you too, it is important to understand, that this blade swings both ways. If you put time and effort into swimming, you will end up becoming good at swimming. And if you put time and effort into bemoaning your life, and the fact that you are a victim of circumstance and bad luck… Well, that is exactly what you will end up being good at.

For me, that is enough encouragment to stop that behaviour on my part. I will not spend my one life becoming an expert victim. A professional moaner. I have to high ambitions for that, to much to offer to the world, and to myself.

I ask you now, can you look into the mirror and say, with a straightface: ”I have power over my own life, and I will use that power to become a victim of random chance”.

Can you do that? Great, it is your choice to life your life the way you see fit.
If you can’t be honest about that choice, then maybe it is time to make a change.

Seize the luck of you being born, by telling luck to go fuck itself. Because you are the maker of your own destiny.

Thanks for reading!



Today, I’d like to talk about something very important, that concerns all of us (unless you happen to be a hermit).

I think that there is a shortage of really, really, good relationships in the world. Partly because people don’t know what a good relationship is. Partly because people don’t bother to have relationships that extend beyond drunken hazes during the weekend, talking about the latest football game or shopping for shoes.

Look, I was there too! I had those relationships too. I did the ”lets-get-drunk-and-party-all-night”. I did the ”we share a hobby, so might as well hangout”. Honestly, there were some good times with those relationships too. But I will tell you now, that those good times do not come close to what I have now.

Relationships are like food. With food, you have the more healthy stuff (broccoli, fruits) and then you have the less healthy food (fast-food, high sugar content). It is of course your right to eat fast-food every day of the week if you’d want to, but it is going to have negative consequences for you in the long run.

It is the same for shallow relationships. Relationships that base themselves on mere hobbies, that base themselves on ”Oh, you were born in the same geographical place as me? Let’s be friends!”. These kinds of relationships are the junk-food of social interaction.

Because they do not challenge you. They do not spark growth in you. How could they? If you have a relationship with someone because you happen to cheer for the same sports-team, what in that relationship will inspire growth in you as a human being?

With challenge, I am not talking about abusive or mean. I am talking about being in a relationship where what you say and do might be questioned, not out of spite or malice, but because the other person is both curious and cares about you. Someone who challenges you when you say something that does not make sense to them.

It matters where you put your time. If you spend time playing a guitar, eventually if you keep up with it, you’ll be good at playing the guitar. If you spend time in shallow relationships, you’ll be good at shallow relationships.

The only kind of relationship that can inspire growth in you is challenging ones! Because being challenged means finding new ways of thinking. New paradigms, new perspectives. You change because you are presented with new information.

Spending time being challenged and challenging others, will have you become better and better at just that. Which in turn has you become better and better at growing as a person. The broccoli of relationships are the deep ones. The ones where you discuss important things, things that impact you in your own life. Because anyone can talk about abstract things way out there, like string-theory and life on other planets. That isn’t challenging to your personal life. What is challenging, is to talk about the things that affect you. That tangent YOUR experience as a human being.

And you would want to do it for several reasons. You’d do it because you love learning. You love truth. You love having your beliefs challenged. But most importantly, you’d do it because you want to really have a deep, strong, serious relationship with another human being. To share life’s challenges with. To laugh with, to cry with, to explore the wonderful thing that being alive is.

What kind of relationships do you want?
Thanks for reading.